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The Essentials of Nature Cure

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The book is intended for all the people who are eager of applications of these principles in the maintenance of health and management of ailments. This book will benefit the students and
practitioners of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and people who want to know and incorporate the principles of nature cure in their daily life for health and fitness. The history of nature cure, principles of nature cure, applications of the principles in the form of therapy like hydrotherapy, mud therapy, heliotherapy, air baths, chromotherapy, fasting, diet, Yoga and exercises, massage, acupressure, magneto-therapy, management of diseases through nature cure along with indications and contra-indications, their mode of action based on scientific parameters and relation between Ayurveda and Nature cure along with some contemporary researches are explained in this book. The photographs and figures have been included for an easy understanding of the subject. The extensive references have been collected from classical books of nature cure like return to nature, Rational hydro-therapy etc. along with some scientific researches. All these aspects make this work unique and hope that it will create an interest in the reader and awaken practitioners of  Nature cure to elucidate the principles of Nature cure on the scientific basis, so that Nature cure can be accepted in the scientific community and benefit the general community.




Dr. Mangla Gauri V. Rao


Chaukhambha Orientalia


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