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The book entitled “Mahabhaishajya Aahara” discusses in detail mainly the “Aharavargas” mentioned in Bhavaprakasha Nighantu. Each of the dietary substance is discussed with respect to its Botanical correlation, regional names, morphology, property, nutritional values and finally their therapeutic importance and form in which it can be used. In the case of drug controversy, the difference in opinion has been discussed. The details of contemporary food articles have also been added in each chapter like Rice flakes (Poha), Rice bran oil, Skimmed milk, toned milk etc. The chapter on Aaharavidhi discusses the rules of taking food mentioned in Charaka Samhita and Dravyaguna Sangraha of Chakradatta. In addition, a chapter on “Nutrition and Dietetics” has been added with the intention of making this book a complete reference guide for diet and nutrition for students of Ayurveda. The chapter on Anupanavarga has been taken mainly from Dravyaguna Sangraha from Chakradatta. In the chapter on “Tailavarga”, along with the taila properties, Concepts of oil rancidity etc. which is very relevant current context has also been discussed. This is an earnest attempt to compile the relevant references of Ahara from all available text and arrange them according to the contextual manner for the ease of Ayurveda scholars. The U.G and P.G Syllabus of Dravyaguna includes the study of Aharadravya in the syllabus, hence this book should serve as a reference for dravyaguna students and we intend to benefit the students of other streams like swastavrutta, Samhita Siddhanta etc. also.


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