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BAMS 1st Year Books Bundle (English)

Discover success with our BAMS 1st Year Bundle, tailored to the new NCISM syllabus. This collection simplifies your academic journey, covering Sharira Rachana, Kriya Sharira, Samhita Adhayan, Padarth Vijnana, Sanskrit, and Itihas. Ensure a seamless learning experience with this comprehensive set of textbooks, curated for 1st-year BAMS students. Elevate your studies with targeted SEO keywords like BAMS book bundle, 1st year BAMS bundle, and BAMS 1st year books. It’s more than books; it’s your key to BAMS success. Invest wisely in your education.


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This is the front side of the cover page of the book Practical Manual of Rachana Sharira (Anatomy) for BAMS written by Dr. Tikendrajit. It contains a muscular image of the body in a sprint position along with the name of the book. The background is a green-ish tone with a white gradient from bottom to top. The name of the publisher, Chaukhambha Orientalia, is mentioned in the bottom right corner.
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Embark on a transformative educational journey with our exclusive BAMS 1st Year Books Bundle, meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with the new syllabus set by NCISM. This comprehensive collection stands as a gateway to success, encompassing all essential textbooks necessary to navigate the curriculum across three terms. For aspiring BAMS students, this bundle is not just a collection of books; it’s a roadmap to academic excellence, providing confidence and knowledge.

Tailored specifically for the first-year curriculum, the bundle spans critical subjects such as Sharira Rachana, Kriya Sharira, Samhita Adhayan -1 (Charaka Samhita and Ashtanga Hridayam), Padarth Vijnana, Sanskrit, and Itihas. Each book within this collection has undergone rigorous scrutiny to ensure strict compliance with the NCISM syllabus, promising a holistic learning experience that combines ancient wisdom with modern understanding.

Designed with the needs of 1st-year BAMS students in mind, this bundle streamlines the learning process by eliminating the hassle of searching for individual books. It serves as a comprehensive guide, from foundational subjects like Sharira Rachana to the intricacies of Kriya Sharira, providing a curated approach to mastering the curriculum.

This bundle is more than just a set of textbooks; it’s a personalized key to unlocking success in the BAMS journey. It caters to the dynamic needs of students by offering a one-stop solution for academic excellence. Each book serves as a building block, contributing to a strong foundation in Ayurvedic studies.

This bundle is a testament to our commitment to empowering students and ensuring that their academic endeavors are supported by high-quality, curated resources.

These books aren’t just a purchase; they are an investment in your educational success. Choose these carefully curated texts to shape your BAMS journey and acquire the knowledge essential for a thriving career in Ayurveda. Purchase your bundle now and take the first step toward a successful and fulfilling academic pursuit in BAMS.




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