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Application of Agnikarma in Surgical Practices

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Intentional Therapeutic Heat Burn Therapy. The authors have covered the entire subject in their book in simple manner “easy to follow”. The authors did a hard work while collecting the subject matter from different sources of Ayurvedic literature and have tried to present it in practical style by lucid presentation with clear concepts. There are various new experience remarks by authors in this field of Agnikarma. A glimpse about the book is that it has
15 chapters with tables, photographs, introduction, history, textual references, materials used for Agnikarma, indications, contraindications, methods of application, challenges, limitations, practical approach, recent advancement and research work as well. Authors have a lot of exposure regarding the subject and provide the services to the patient. The patient got benefited whose follow up reassure us to share own experience. Now science and technology has developed up to a great extent and there are various possibilities making advancement in practising Agnikarma. Therefore, efforts have been taken to collect the matter from various sources and trying to systematize it in practical form in this scientific era.


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