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Anorectal Disoders Ayurvedic Aproach

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Ayurveda is the most ancient system of medicine. Ayurveda was popularised to make the suffering people free from their diseases as well as maintenance and promotion of good health. In Ayurvedic classical texts we get the reference for both surgical and medical treatment. Due to the timely intervention of biomedical engineering, both in diagnosis and management, the current surgical practice has made enormous progress. But some diseases are there for an exception due to their recurrence after conventional surgery. In such conditions parasurgical procedures and aushadha seva plays an important role in treatment, as this is the tool for the physician in treating the diseases.
Guda being one among Dasha pranayatana deserves more importance. It is also considered as pureeshavaha sroto moola. It is also the site of Apanavata. The diseases in this region produce not only localized pain but also gives rise to generalized discomfort to the body. Hence this needs special attention. The present work is a small step in providing complete description of anorectal disorders in simple language, so that it will be useful for both graduates and post graduates.




Dr. Rajasree G.


Chaukhambha Orientalia


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