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A Text Book of Dravyaguna Vijnana (Volume 2)

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Professor P.V. Sharma describes Dravyaguna Shastra as the branch of Science that deals with Namarupa, Guna karma and Prayoga of Dravya. After understanding the Basic principles of Drug action, it is important to the study the Drug in detail with regards to its Nama, Rupa, Guna, Karma and Prayoga. One who has a thorough knowledge of
Dravyas can be confident to treat with these medicines. The Second Volume discusses the Pharmacology of Ayurveda drugs. The Drugs mentioned in the UG syllabus prescribed by CCIM has been taken up in the Book. The present Book “Text Book of Dravyaguna Vijnana Volume II” is compiled as per the latest syllabus of Dravyaguna for BAMS students by CCIM, New Delhi. The Dravyaparichaya has been given as per the points are given in the syllabus. The Synonyms have been classified as per the nomenclature basis and explained. The Drug illustrations have been provided for all the detailed drugs. A quick glance table has been provided at the beginning of each dravya which helps students to get a quick recall of the drug during exams. The mode of action of drug has been explained wherever possible. The language has been kept simple for easy understanding of students. The aim of this book is to give students of Dravyaguna, a ready reference guide as per the CCIM syllabus.






Dr. Rohit A. Gokarn,

Dr. Supriya Kallianpur


Chaukhambha Orientalia


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