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BAMS 1st Year Bundle of Books (Hindi)


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Embark on an educational odyssey with our specialized BAMS 1st Year Books Bundle, meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with NCISM’s updated syllabus. This all-encompassing collection serves as a key to success, incorporating essential textbooks vital for navigating the curriculum across three terms. More than a mere compilation, this bundle is a roadmap to academic excellence, instilling confidence and knowledge in aspiring BAMS students.

Tailored for the first-year curriculum, it covers pivotal subjects like Sharira Rachana, Kriya Sharira, Samhita Adhayan, Padarth Vijnana, Sanskrit, and Itihas. Each book undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring strict adherence to the NCISM syllabus for a holistic learning experience that harmonizes ancient wisdom with modern insights. These books have been designed in color and covering all the necessary portions for knowledge gaining as well as experience in giving exams.

Crafted with 1st-year BAMS students in mind, this bundle streamlines the learning process, removing the hassle of searching for individual books and then judging their quality on an after-purchase basis. Serving as a comprehensive guide, it navigates from foundational topics like Sharira Rachana to the nuances of Kriya Sharira, offering a curated approach to mastering the curriculum.

More than a textbook set, it’s a personalized key to unlock success in the BAMS journey, catering to dynamic student needs by providing a one-stop solution for academic excellence. Each book acts as a building block, contributing to a robust foundation in Ayurvedic studies. This bundle reflects our commitment to empowering students, ensuring their academic pursuits are bolstered by top-notch, curated resources.

These books are not just a transaction; they represent an investment in educational success. Opt for these carefully curated texts to shape your BAMS journey and gain the essential knowledge for a flourishing career in Ayurveda. Secure your bundle now and take the inaugural step toward a prosperous and gratifying academic pursuit in BAMS.




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