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A Text Book of Bal Roga Kaumarbhritya (Volume 1)

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As its title implies, the first part of the textbook integrates detail information about the care of the Bala/Kaumar given in the Ayurvedic classics and paediatrics. Main emphasis has been given to the basic terminologies essential to understand the subject Kaumarbhritya, posology, principles of treatment, Anupana, twin to twin transfusion, management of Kumaragara (NICU), management of neonatal disorders, scientific explanation of fetal nourishment and principles used for the Prana Pratyagamana, Navjata Shishu Paricharya including Jatkarma Samskara,
why right breast should be offered to child at birth? Why one end of the umbilical cord should be tied in the neck of the child? and many more answer of unsolved questions is given with scientific explanation and references.
This book has been combined with critical analysis, comments, suggestions and author’s own thoughts hither and thither to understand the hidden or unsolved message of Sanskrit the verse is given in original Ayurvedic classics with the help of existing scientific and spiritual literature viz. Veda, Grihyasutra, Upnishada, Manusmriti, dictionaries of Sanskrit to English, Sanskrit to Hindi, English to English and medical dictionaries, relevant research papers and many reference textbooks. Book has been enriched with many guidelines & programmes released by the different organization and government bodies like WHO, AAP, IAP, AHA, UNICEF, AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare etc.




Dr. Brijmohan Singh


Chaukhambha Orientalia


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