Caraka Samhita Volume 2 Chikitsasthanam to Siddhisthan

Subject: Carak Samhita

Volume II contains the last three sections (Cikitsasthana, Kalpasthana and Siddhisthana) of the Samhita. Caraka Samhita is predominantly a text on therapeutics and the author has excelled in describing the management of diseases systematically. That is why Caraka is regarded as the best one in the field of therapeutics. It is pertinent too because Caraka represents the school of medicine and his work is the embodiment of doctrines and traditions of therapeutics of this school. From this point of view, this volume is very important. The Cikitsasthana (section on therapeutics) contains thirty chapters out of which the major portion (seventeen chapters) is ascribed to the authorship of Drdhabala. The other two sections(Kalpasthana and Siddhisthana) are entirely accredited to Drdhabala. Thus historically too, this portion is important.



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