Concept of Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine in Ayu

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This book aims at enlightening the glimpses of various concepts of sports medicine mentioned in Ayurveda and Indian sciences. Sports medicine is gaining enormous importance and recognition in the present world. The contemporary science has now recognized it as a separate super-specialty branch of medicine. It deals with various phases of sports activities right from the diet, routine practice, exercise and lifestyle of an athlete to the management of injuries and its rehabilitation programs. Ayurveda can contribute a lot to the field of sports medicine. All these phases of a sportsperson have to be critically studied through the foundation stones of Ayurveda. This book, Concepts of exercise physiology and sports medicine in Ayurveda, has attempted to build a platform for sports medicine by taking the foundation stones of Ayurveda Maulika Siddhantas. The book can be arbitrarily read in three sections. The first section deals with the basics of sports medicines. Light has also been thrown on the first description of sports medicine in the world, i.e. the Mahabharata war. Second section deals with Ayurvedic understanding of the physiology of sportsperson, his advised lifestyle and mental status. It also deals with sports injuries mentioned in Ayurveda and its management concepts. Specific importance has been given on highlighting the concept of resistance rehabilitation in Ayurveda. The final phase deals with the usage of sports as a treatment schedule in various diseases.



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