Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Examination)

Subject: Kayachikitsa (Medicine)

'Nadi Pariksha' (Pulse examination) is a customary (diagnostic practice) for Ayurvedic physicians since ancient time. It is easy to diagnose and to take a decision for treatment by this examination. This book, ''Nadi-Pariksha", is also in the same category. There is no detail description about 'Nadi Pariksha' in ancient therapeutic books but in separate books like Nadi Pariksha, Nadi-Vigyan and other Samhita books like 'Bhavaprakash, Sharangdhar Samhita, Yogaratnakar etc. there are only a few portions on Nadi (Pulse). Due to that a full-length book on Nadi-Pariksha was needed. In ancient books "Artery" is an indication of "alive-ness". The vibration of Manya and Matricanodis are of life. There is special importance at Mahayan and Sidha-system in the clinical field. It may be possible that the use of Rasa-aushadi in treatment and pulse examination in clinical procedures have important place.



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