Prameha in Ayurveda

Subject: Kayachikitsa (Medicine)

The book "Prameha in Ayurveda" written by Dr Neha Sharma is a small contribution to Ayurvedic literature. Ayurvedic literature considers the Prameha as one of the 'Astha Mahagada' and originates due to deranged metabolism. Description of Prameha from various Ayurvedic classics helps to understand the disease thoroughly. Hence there is needed to make a bridge between Ayurvedic concept of Prameha and Modern view. The book is divided into five comprehensive chapters. The first chapter is introductory and includes definition, Mythological Origin and History of Prameha as well as Diabetes Mellitus. The second chapter includes classification, Etiological factors and Pathogenesis of Prameha as per Ayurved and Modern Science. Chapter three is devoted to Premonitory symptoms, Clinical manifestations, Complications of Prameha, Prognosis and Involvement of Ojus in Prameha. Chapter four deals with Ayurvedic Principles of treatment, General treatment of Prameha, Various Churnas and Decoctions are useful in Prameha. The chapter five devoted for various Specific Treatment like Asavas, Avalehas, Guggulus, Kaastha Aushadhis, Rasa Aushadhis, Various single herbs, Medicated Oils/Ghees and various Yogasanas useful in Prameha. The book provides sample matter on Prameha in both perspective Ayurveda and Modern Science Useful for students and practitioners in these field.



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