Cancer and Medicinal Plants

Subject: Kayachikitsa (Medicine)

The relation between man and plants is old as the human race itself. Plants have been used since ages, both in the form of diet as well as drug. Ancient physician were used several medicinal plants to prevent and cure of various disease, including oncological ailments. Plants possess a number of biological properties that are inimitable. Evidence based research has shown that various phyto-chemicals or bioactive compounds mainly alkaloids, flavonoids, isothiocyanates, triterpenoids, isoflavones, organosulphur compounds, phytosterols, etc. possess cytoprotective, chemopreventive, and therapeutic properties. This book will discuss some of the plants in detail that have recently been tested and may have potential in anticancer therapies. This book will be helpful to basic, clinical and applied researchers and will upgrade the knowledge of readers.



Categories: reference Tags: Kayachikitsa, Ayurveda, Medicine, Clinical

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