Clinical Gastro-Enterology in Ayurveda Volume 1

Subject: Kayachikitsa (Medicine)

In this book, authors have tried to give a compact, total and open information towards the comprehension of the components which are basic in the indication of malady in Mahasrotas (GI Tract) alongside the clinical strategies for diagnosing any disturbance in Mahasrotas (Annavaha srotas and Purishavaha srotas). Understanding the Khavaiguna (Functional Disturbance) in Mahasrotas, the interaction of dosha and dushya in the influenced part alongside symptomatology of ailments of Mahasrotas has been focussed. Clinical strategies and laboratory techniques as per ayurveda and current medication fundamental for moving toward finding of mahasrotas vyadhi (gastrointestinal disorders) alongside a brief portrayal of diseases and their treatment is stressed. The present book has been assembled in two volumes, Volume 1 focuses on the foundation of mahasrotas, its understanding and methods of its examination. Volume 2 spotlighting the cardinal manifestation of disease in Mahasrotas, assessment of dosha, dushya, agni, ama, symptomatology, diagnostic methods and their management.



Categories: reference Tags: Kayachikitsa, Ayurveda, Medicine, Clinical

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