Bhaisajya Ratnavali of Kaviraj Shri Govind Das Volume 1

Subject: Rasashatra Evam Bhaishajyakalpana (Iatrochemistry and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics)

Bhaisajya Ratnavali is one of the most popular and authentic compendia of Ayurveda. Almost all the Ayurvedic physicians are following the formulations of this classic in their day to day practice. This book is a treasure house of pharmaceutical preparations and almost all the Ayurvedic drug manufacturers are prepared their drugs based on descriptions mentioned in this text. Quite a huge number of formulations of this text are incorporated in Ayurvedic Formulary India published by Government of India, Deptt. of Ayush, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi. The beauty of this compendium is that it includes very simple preparation like svarasa (expressed juice) to high technical preparation like kupipakva rasayanas to serve the needs of Ayurvedic physicians and to treat the different stages of diseases. This classic comprising of one hundred six chapters dealing with mainly treatment principles, different formulations i.e. herbal, mineral, metallic and combinations, various pharmaceutical forms viz. Svarasa, kalka, kvätha, hima, phänöa, rasakriya, avaleha, ghåita, taila, äsava, ariñöa, bhasma, kharaléya rasäyana, kupé pakva rasäyana, parpaöé, kñära, lavaëa etc. Non-pharmacological treatments are also found a place in certain diseases like jvara, unmäda, apasmära, hikkä and graha roga etc. diseases. This classic is divided into two volumes for the convenience of readers and better handling. In volume one, chapter one to thirty-two is presented and rest of the chapters along with appendices presented in volume two in a lucid manner. Inclusion of maximum nomenclature to untold paragraphs, categorisation of ingredients in different formulations, incorporation of accurate references, schematic presentation of formulations are few salient features of this book.



Categories: reference Tags: Rasashastra, Chemistry, Ayurveda, Pharmaceutics

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