Management of Obesity in Ayurveda

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Obesity is a common problem of the word. In some of the developed countries more than 30% of population is suffering from obesity and related disorders. Many researches have been carried out to tackle this health problem. We will get the terms like Sthula, Atisthula and sthoulya upadrava in Ayurveda. These terms are related to obesity. We will get numerous reference about the management of Sthoulya and Atisthoulya in Ayurveda. Those topics will be thought in the classrooms but that will not be applied in the clinical practice. Most of the Ayurvedic practitioners give less importance to Caraka Samhita. Caraka Samhita is read as a book on theory. In reality Caraka Samhita is a very good book for clinical practice with a good back ground of theory. An attempt is made in this book to show the link between theory and practice of obesity. Few of the concepts have been simplified with the application of Tantrayukti.



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