Chakradatta Text with English Translations

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Cakradatta is one of the most popular and authentic classics of Ayurveda. It is also known as Cikitsa Sangraha compiled by Sri Cakrapanidatta from the previous texts till Vrinda Madhava in 11th century A.D. It contains 79 chapters and deals with all the eight branches of Ayurveda extensively and systematically with all the principles and practice of medicine and surgery. Most commonly used and trusted as well as tested formulations have been incorporated in this text. Some of the mercurial compounds particularly Rasa parpari, Amrita sara lauha and addition of many single drugs are few contributions of this text. In this text, approximately 1500 formulations have gained a place with different pharmaceutical dosage forms for the treatment of paediatric to geriatric disorders in addition to obstetrics and gynecological diseases. Tantric practices advised in case of mudha garbha, seminal retention, epilepsy; ksarasutra preparation and its applications in nadivrana, bhagandara are unique contributions of this text. A good number of chapters devoted to panchakarma procedures and its preparatory methods. Special procedures for ENT and eye as well diseases of mouth described systematically and lucidly. Last but not least the last chapter of this text dealing with the principles of social and preventive medicine in order to give the healthy longevity to mankind. Finally, this book definitely serves the purpose of all the undergraduates, graduates, P.G. scholars, research scholars, teaching faculty and physicians fraternity in addition to drug manufacturers of Ayurveda.



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