Basics of Manuscriptology & Medical Manuscripts

Subject: Maulik Siddhant Avum Ashtang Hridya (Basic Principles and An ancient text of Ayurveda)

The present textbook named ìBasics of manuscriptology & An entrance to Medical manuscriptsî written by Dr. Shrinath M Vaidya will act as an eye-opener for a new student of Ayurveda entering into the field of manuscriptology. It is the outcome of his experience in the field of manuscriptology. This textbook covers various aspects like the history of writing, scripts and manuscripts, manuscript libraries, a survey of manuscripts, analytical study of manuscripts and problems faced in critical edition etc. This book will be a great treat to those scholars who really want to acquire knowledge of the Basics of manuscriptology and Indian medical manuscripts. This text on manuscriptology is an excellent manual on how to edit and study a medical manuscript. The importance of the work can be seen through dealing with the subject matter with ample of examples, appendices and illustrations. Manuscriptology is the topic of current interest for many scholars. Its importance is recognized by the scholars and the number of students taking the subject of manuscriptology for their Post graduation dissertations as well as doctoral thesis studies has gone up. In recent past, it has become part of the regular syllabus for 1st year PG in Samhita & Siddh



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