Role of Parental & Environmental Imprinting in Ayurveda

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After undergoing a long journey of teaching Shaarira to Ayurvedic scholars, we felt that we should become trusted guides for them and tell them that the term Genetics is only an English term having the glamour of modern biological science but great scholars of Ayurveda like Charaka and Sushruta were clear in their mind about the concepts of "Srishti Utpatti Kramaa" or the origin of universe. They were also aware of the parental and environmental imprinting which an embryo or fetus carries with him while in the womb and expresses all those traits, characters and features when born. The concept of Srishti Utpatti Kramaa is mental strength for learning Ayurveda, while the science of genetics has developed only after the foundation was laid by Ayurvedic scholars in all above mentioned aspects.



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