Padartha Vigyan Evam Ayurveda Itihas

Subject: Padartha Vigyan and Ayurveda Itihas

Padartha Vijnana means the science which deals with the substances in the universe, its relationship with the living being in terms of their properties, functions; methods of understanding them etc. Generally the subject Padartha Vigyan is considered as tough in the field of Ayurveda. But, it is the most useful subject than any other in Ayurveda. The topics dealt in it are the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda on which entire chikitsa stands. Understanding the elements in the universe is mandatory before studying the body. In this book, the subject matter is discussed with the help of different darshanas and other shastras which are correlated with Ayurveda System. Hence this book "Padartha Vijnana Evam Ayurveda Itihasa" will be a good guide for the BAMS students; as it includes all the subject matters in according to the revised syllabus prescribed by CCIM, New Delhi.



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