Clinical Approach in Shalya Tantra

Subject: Shalya Tantra (Surgery)

The book “Clinical Approach of Shalyatantra” is a manual of Surgical and Ayurveda Para-Surgical procedures to build a sound ground of clinical skills. Its contents are based upon the latest undergraduate CCIM syllabus. This book has a total of 6 chapters and almost all chapters contain tables and flow charts which have made it easy to understand. The book contains clinical knowledge of Shalyatantra like history taking, patient examination, para-surgical procedure and observation of surgical procedures, surgical emergency and their management. The information mentioned in boxes made the book different from others. The language is very simple and easy to understand. The illustrations are true of unusual excellence. They are clear, concise, well-conceived, and easily reproducible. It is very useful for undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma students and practitioners. The book will help broaden the clinical foundation of the students to make them prudent to face life as clinicians with confidence and veracity. There were no books for clinical shalya yet. To fulfil this lacuna and to create the interest of student for practical knowledge in Shalya Tantra subject this present textbook is written as per latest CCIM practical syllabus with scientific explanations. The book “Clinical Approach in Shalya Tantra (Manual for Practical course of BAMS, MS (AY) & DIPLOMA) is as per CCIM Syllabus of Shalya tantra Practical course. This book is a small step towards providing complete knowledge of Shalya tantra – Practical the course at one place for BAMS student and P.G student of this branch. In this book, the authors have included practical knowledge of Shalya tantra such as Identification, Uses, Demonstration of Surgical instruments and methods of Sterilization, Training of Case taking, bedside, case presentation and demonstration and Practical training in Anesthesia. Description of various para-surgical procedures are available in the modern text as well as those available in our classics (Sushruta Samhita), such as Kshara-Karma, Agnikarma, Kshara-Sutra, Raktamokshana, application of bandages & splints, catheterization procedures, wound management procedures like Parisheka and Patradana, Ryle’s tube aspiration, different mode of injections such as Intramuscular/ Intravenous/ Subcutaneous/ Intra-dermal. Incision and drainage of abscess and suturing of open wounds. This book also covers observation of many minor and major modern surgical procedures such as Circumcision, Hydrocele, Hernial repair, Vasectomy, Haemorrhoidectomy, Fistulectomy, Fissurectomy, Appendecectomy and Cholecystectomy. Training of surgical emergencies and its management is last but an important chapter of this book.



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