Research Methodology (Volume - 1)

Subject: Research Methodology and Medical Statistics

The present book has been designed keeping clear objectives that include enabling researches irrespective of their discipline in developing more developmental with most suitable methodology, and in making familiar with the art of using different research methods and techniques. The book has been written in simple English without excessive technical jargons with the aim to provide readers with a book that will deliver key practical information in an efficient and effective manner and explain each topic in such a way that even someone without any health background can follow the subject and understand practical issues. This book consists of sixteen chapters arranged incoherent manner that suits the the comprehensive skill of each reader which covers a variety of topics such as basics of research methodology with reference to the healthcare research including Ayurveda, manuscriptology, types of research methodology, way forward in literature research, research study design, sample the survey, basic statistics & health statistics, sample study, data collection & preparation, planning measurement, testing hypothesis, software for research, writing research projects and articles for publications which are of the time requirement. Students will find it helpful with a clear and concise overview of the important topics in which they must become proficient to practice skillfully, ethically and efficiently which are equally cover their recommended study curriculum. Wherever required visual cues highlighting the key points have been provided alongside systematic and step-by-step guidelines. It is felt that both graduates and post-graduate students including the core research healthcare research scholars will find this book very useful in writing their thesis and publishing their research work of international standards. This book is the result of extensive literature search, discussions with experts and fellow colleagues apart from hands on experience on various global research standards.



Categories: textbooks Tags: Research, Ayurveda, Statistics

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