Panchkarma: Procedures And Techniques

Subject: Panchkarma

This book on panchkarma therapies is a concise knowledge of various Panchkarma procedures with those essential details that need to be kept in mind during its clinical application for the optimum outcome. This handbook on Panchkarma is easy to understand, practical to apply, handy to refer and yet authentic in approach in terms of minute details explained in the classical texts regarding several procedures involved in it. This book is presented with chapters on Purvakarma (prerequisites), Pradhan karma (main procedures), Pashchat Karma covering important aspects as types, pre-procedure regime, mode of administration; precautions to be taken; indications contraindications; signs and symptoms of proper administration; complications and their treatment and post-procedure regimen etc. Some of the modified forms of snehana and swedana karma have also been included which are in vogue now a days as Keraliya panchkarma owing to their simplicity, relatively easy administration and better patient compliance viz., Dhara karma, kaya seka (pizichil), pinda sweda, shirolepa etc. It is expected that in addition to the palliation of the disease and underlying doshik vitiation, these procedures help in the elimination of doshas through transdermal mobilization, thus liberating the microchannels of stagnation and leading to uninterrupted flow of nutrition through them.



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