A Text Book on Panchakarma

Subject: Panchkarma

The present book on Panchakarma promises the students complete information regarding Panchakarma from various classics of Ayurveda. The book has critically reviewed almost all the topics related to Panchakarma. This book helps in a precise and deeper understanding of principles and concepts along with hidden meanings related to Panchakarma. It is especially useful for BAMS students, M.D scholars. The unique feature of the book is that it has covered all the points in the syllabus of final year BAMS related to Panchakarma. The book had covered even the minute considerations of regimens to be followed during every Panchakarma procedure. The book has all the Slokas related to every topic from Bruhattrayi's. and also a probable mode of action related to Panchakarma. The book also covered the various experiences of eminent physicians in the field of Ayurveda along with my own experiences of 9 years in the field of Ayurveda. It also describes the commonly practised procedures in our hospital which help in fortifying the practical knowledge of the students. The book also has photos related to a particular topic to aid in easy understanding for students. The last part of the book covers topics related to Physiotherapy which is a part syllabus. Many of the important points are covered in the form of tables & flow charts for easy grasping of the topics.



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