Hypertension: Management Through Yoga

Subject: Swasthavritta (Preventive and Social Medicine)

The primary or essential Hypertension is earned and acquired rather than inherited or bestowed. It is a psychosomatic disease caused mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle. Many anti-hypertensive drugs are available but no one is ideal. Yoga is the unambiguous and cost-effective measure for prevention and treatment of Hypertension. It may be practised alone or in conjunction with other measures including drug therapy. This book unfolds the facts about Modern and Ayurvedic aspects of Hypertension and the techniques and effects of beneficial Yogic practices for Hypertension. The great merit of this book is the rational approach to deftly representing the problems involved and cites scientific reasons for the inclusion of Yoga as an additional as well as alternative preventive and therapeutic measure. The book is aiming to provide the conceptual knowledge of Hypertension including its causes, symptoms, progression etc from Ayurvedic viewpoint. It lays stress on Yogic treatment for better results. The practical lessons for performing Yoga are been mentioned for a better understanding of the readers. The successful findings of this book would have been incomplete without the study of classical and traditional concepts of Ayurveda in relation to Hypertension.



Categories: reference Tags: Swasthavritta, Ayurveda, Lifestyle, Social, Yoga

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