Anatomical Concept of Chakra and Energy System

Subject: Rachana Sharir (Anatomy)

What is Chakra? Do Chakras exist in the human body? And how can we describe it in medical terms? What is the application of the ancient knowledge of Chakra in the progress of an individual? Is the common people will be benefited through this knowledge? How can we apply this knowledge to control, regulate and govern the psychosomatic activities of the body to achieve higher powers (Asta Sidhhi, Nav Nidhi) and Moksha (salvation) in the present life can metabolic disorders like diabetes and other endocrine disorders as hypo and hyperthyroidism and sexual disorders be treated through the cleansing of Chakras? etc. These are very common questions which arise in the mind of beginners and readers. Basically, this book is written to understand these basic questions. The author has tried the best to make understand the readers. This book is an attempt to present the concept and new scientific dimension of Nadi, Chakra and Energy system, in a systemic and uniform manner, which was lacking till date.



Categories: reference Tags: Rachana shaarira, ayurveda, BAMS, PG

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