A Handbook of Procedures for Ayurvedic Pediatricians

Subject: Kaumarbhritya Parichaya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics)

This book is a blend of all important modern and Ayurvedic pediatric procedures along with their clear cut therapeutic indications (needs user's discretion), will primarily serve the following purposes: 1) A single handbook for performing all commonly needed modern or Ayurvedic pediatric procedures in an Ayurvedic setup. 2) Acquaint an Ayurvedic pediatrician with some important legal aspects of pediatric procedures. 3) To cater to the 'Pediatric procedures' chapter of the new CCIM syllabus for MD (Kaumarbhritya/Bala roga), PG Diploma in Pediatrics (Ay) and BAMS courses. Conscious efforts have been made to maintain a pointwise approach in the book, bundled under various titles and subtitles so that the reader can read and comprehend easily and thus perform the procedures with confidence. Practical tips have also been notified (as "N.B.") at many places. For a better insight into the procedure (especially Ayurvedic), wherever needed, a brief subjective background behind various elements of a procedure have been provided (as in boxes). As such, the practitioners and researchers from other systems of medicine may also find this book useful. As a picture speaks better than thousand words, this book has been generously enriched with self speaking illustrations. All this has made this book both concise and thorough, making it an ideal companion book while performing common procedures in Ayurvedic pediatric practice. "A Hand-Book of Pediatric Procedures for Ayurvedic Pediatricians" has generously used photographs, algorithms and textboxes for explaining the subject-topics. This book has taken initiative to make a lucid presentation of all those procedures which are mandatory in grooming of the medical students and practitioners in the field of Ayurvedic pediatrics. Study of this book will equip the students with ample skill to perform the procedures easily with minimal effort. This book will be useful to the BAMS, PG-Diploma, PG students and for all those who are engaged in the active care of the newborns, infants and children.



Categories: textbooks Tags: Kaumarbhritya, Ayurveda, Pediatrics, Balrog

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