Neonatology in Ayurveda

Subject: Kaumarbhritya Parichaya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics)

Many differences in anatomical relations take place between a full-term neonate and adult. Similarly, there are many differences between a complete nine-month born neonate, child and an adult. Many structural differences do occur in gaseous environment in Deha Prakriti in just born and after few weeks of birth, including genetic functions of various Srotas system. Even the parameters of Praman Sharir do take place in different milestones of a neonate. Changes in Panch Bhautik Quantum and Doshik level also take place between Bala (Kaumar) or Shaishva Kal (Neonatal weeks). Changes also occur in a 20 weeks gestation fetus and forty weeks fetus. Therefore, the study of twenty, twenty-five, thirty five weeks newborn variations must be known to a child specialist. Thus authors are in the mood to suggest an Ayurvedic Scholar to study and understand the Neonatal (Bala-Shishu or kaumar) anatomy, physiology and proper management of a newborn on Ayurvedic as well as on modern lines.



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