Acharya's Textbook of Kaumarbhritya Volume 1

Subject: Kaumarbhritya Parichaya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics)

Textbook on Kaumarabhritya critically analyzes the subject of Kaumarabhritya under the light of the present-day pediatrics practice so that Ayurvedic Kaumarabhritya can be easily reachable to all, creates interest in learning, augments the thrust of clinical practice, remove the unwanted confusions and helps for flourishing the Ayurvedic Pediatrics i.e. Kaumarabhritya around the globe. Certain childhood disorders which are challenging to the modern world like Cerebral palsy, DMD, Nephrotic syndrome, developmental delay, Mental retardation, childhood obesity and childhood lifestyle related disorders, speech disorders, memory-enhancing methods, Immunological disorders can be effectively managed by Ayurvedic pediatrics. The specialty of this book is, it is easily reachable to all as it is written in a simple language and is given a systematic presentation and therefore undergraduates enjoy reading it. This book give the scope to understand the depth of the subject by evoking an analytical angle of the study of subject as per need of the hour especially for postgraduates and PhD Scholars. Book will be informative along with a pool of references for faculty of Kaumarabrithya and as a reference book for practitioners. Many times view of different authors have been analyzed and the most suitable opinion for the present situation with the clinical application has been explained. In this book, references have been collected from all possible sources by referring different classical Ayurvedic kinds of literature as well as textbooks of Kaumarabhritya by renowned experts of the field and presented in a very systematic manner to make the study convenient. Each Sloka, words, and disorders are explained with clinical understanding and application. Each concept has been analyzed for its relevances in comparison with other contemporary medical sciences. A simple language has been used for easy reading and topics were arranged stepwise. Modern explanations were given wherever necessary. Point vice Presentation of the topic has been provided to have a comfortable and easy reading.



Categories: textbooks Tags: Kaumarbhritya, Ayurveda, Pediatrics, Balrog

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