Kaumarbhritya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics) Volume 1

Subject: Kaumarbhritya Parichaya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics)

The approach seen in this book is to cover the Ayurvedic part of the syllabus in Hindi and Sanskrit and the modern part in English, so as to keep the students of Ayurveda on their toes when coming to comprehension and interaction with modern system of healthcare and at the same time making it the core strength of the book. The author has precisely addressed the topics in a segregated manner, in the form of text boxes and notes at relevant places. This has further augmented the usefulness of this book for the students. Although the prime intention of this book is to comprehensively cover the "Part-A" of the latest syllabus of Kaumarbhritya prescribed for BAMS by CCIM, the author has also tried to cover the important parts of PG syllabus of Kaumarbhritya. The author's presentation of topics is clear and lucid to make the subject easy to retain. The arrangement of subject matter and chapters in this book is mainly as per the "Part A" of Kaumarbhritya subject of the latest BAMS syllabus stipulated by CCIM. But the format of this book is so designed that apart from primarily and comprehensively covering the BAMS syllabus, it largely covers the entire spectrum of Kaumarbhritya syllabus at different levels of Ayurvedic education, i.e. UG (BAMS), PG [MD (Ay), DCH (Ay), PGDNC (Ay)] and even PhD.



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