Introduction to Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics

Subject: Rasashatra Evam Bhaishajyakalpana (Iatrochemistry and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics)

"Introduction to Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics" is an ideal resource for orientation or introduction to Ayurvedic Pharmacy courses on the professional level. It provides the basis for beginning ayurvedic pharmacy students to develop an accurate view of the profession they are entering, to understand the basic tenets of the profession, and to understand the critical issues the profession is facing. The textbook on 'Introduction to Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics' would enormously serve the undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, pharmacists and analytical chemists working in the Quality Assurance Laboratories, New Drug Development, production and control, teaching, or regulatory authorities. The main objective of this book is to offer not only a handy textbook but also an intermediate level of coverage for the convenient preparatory methods and equipment necessary for pharmaceutical substances and their respective dosage forms wherever applicable. The present copious textual compilation of information is solely intended to narrow down the apparently wide gap existing between the available basic texts and the pharmaceutical methods being carried out in the pharmaceutical industry. The contents of this textbook have been meticulously designed to provide fundamentals of various disciplines embodying ayurvedic pharmaceutical science specifically for the under-graduate students. It will also be useful to the postgraduate students studying modern methods of pharmaceutical analysis to a great extent. The thirteen different chapters invariably cover up pharmaceutical techniques and instruments being used in most of the pharmacies. Each chapter categorically and explicitly deals with the introduction, theoretical aspect(s), instrumentation, pharmaceutical analysis, forensic pharmacy, phytochemistry, pharmaceutical processes and dosage forms.



Categories: textbooks Tags: Rasashastra, Chemistry, Ayurveda, Pharmaceutics

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