Elements of Shaarira Rachna

Subject: Rachana Sharir (Anatomy)

The expert scholars who are the members of All India Shaarira Research Institute, Lucknow & Ayurveda Shikshana Manadal, Pune, have decided to produce a classical book. They developed a wish to bring the whole knowledge of Shaarira Rachana at one single platform so that a student of undergraduate, postgraduate or a scholar having the burning desire for learning Shaarira Rachana may get all that is required to fulfil his desire to know. Therefore the contributors of this book have made a sincere attempt to complete and fulfil the desire for learning Rachana Shaarira. Thus, the book is in the hands of desiring scholars.



Categories: textbooks Tags: Rachana shaarira, ayurveda, 1st year, BAMS, PG

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