Lifestyle Diseases and Ayurvedic Herbal Drugs

Subject: Dravyaguna Vighyan (Pharmacology and Material Medica)

Lifestyle measures include food, exercise, behaviour and sleep. Ahara (food), Nidra (Sleep) and Brahmacharya is popularly known as Trayupasthambha play a vital role in the management of lifestyle disorders. Currently the incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer etc is increasing which are also designated as Non-communicable diseases (NCD). During the past few decades, notable research was carried out on medicinal plants with significant activity against certain lifestyle diseases. In this book, a review is presented about 100 ayurvedic herbs found to be useful in the treatment of lifestyle diseases along with photos. This book is useful to ayurvedic teachers, physicians and research scholars as a reference book.



Categories: reference Tags: Dravyaguna, Ayurveda, Plants, Drugs

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