A Text Book of Ayurvedic Human Physiology

Subject: Kriya Sharir (Physiology)

This book of Kriya shareeram consists of all the points explained in Ayurvedic syllabus of Kriya shareera. Shareera Kriya includes the descriptions about dosha, dhatu and malas. The theory of tridosha forms the foundation of Ayurveda. In this text there is an explanation of human body through the principles of vata, pitta kapha, Sapta dhatus and trimalas, keeping in view some of the processes as explained by modern science without detriment to the main concept postulated in Ayurveda. The book includes some of the Ayurveda and some of the modern physiology points. This book is written strictly according to the curriculum framed by the CCIM for BAMS graduates. Part A and Part B are explained separately, covering all the syllabus points. Each topic is explained in simple English and suitable shlokas. This book is provided to collect all the syllabus together for the convenience of the students.



Categories: textbooks Tags: Kriya Sharir, Physiology, Ayurveda, 1st Year.

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